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It is often in our workplaces that we get the most priceless opportunities to practice the teachings of Eckhart Tolle – but only if we are paying close attention.

My work takes me into a hospital as a health care provider. And every day I am connecting with patients and families who are often experiencing their darkest hours. One evening, I entered a room to give an elderly gentleman a respiratory treatment. I greeted him and his wife, and introduced myself as his therapist for the evening.  The room was darkened and somber and I crossed to the side of the bed opposite the gentleman’s wife. We were at the head of the bed and I could see that he looked uncomfortable, quite ill, and needing assistance.  Before I even opened my mouth to explain what I was there to do, the woman began to raise her voice, and accuse me, the nurses, the doctors and the hospital of gross neglect.  For a moment I was stunned, as I was in fact only there to help, but I knew in an instant that this was not a personal affront, but an expression of grief.  I could feel my ego nudge me, wanting to defend my efforts, but I let it fall to the floor, roll under the bed and out the door.  I knew there was no room for it.  I was feeling the verbal blows from across the bed and it was a great moment, an epiphany.  My arms gently fell and rested at my sides, and I listened.  Her pain was expressed in every word and in every word her anger was directed at me, because it was I who happened to walk in the door.  But I was glad it was me.  Because I seemed to know what to do.  Nothing, but listen and be acutely present.

Slowly her voice began to settle into a hush, and her agitation lessened. I still listened until I felt she had fully expressed herself.  And then I listened more.  My eyes never left hers, despite the accusations.  And when enough silence had passed, I merely said “What can I do to help you”?  At that moment, I could feel her body relax from across the bed, and saying nothing, she came around and tightly embraced me.  It was authentic and I returned the gesture.  And in my ear I heard her say, “Thank you for listening.”

It was an experience I have found invaluable, and will never forget.

– Margaret La Vake

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Since reading Eckhart Tolle's books, my life has changed considerably. I am now more concerned with living the present moment to the fullest, because as Eckhart says that is the only life we really have. I have also learned to be more compassionate in daily activities, which is something my ego never allowed me to do much. I started living the present moment more about five years ago after some major surgery that really made me think about who I really am...

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